Lunch + Nutrition

One of the many features of the Children’s Center that parents have come to love is our food program. Providing good nutrition and teaching healthy eating habits are an important part of our daily routine. All meals follow United States Department of Agriculture guidelines, and are balanced nutritionally. The Center also participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Family-Style Meals

All meals are served “family style,” and table manners are both taught and expected. Our goal is to use meal times to expand conversational skills as well as enjoying both the food and the experience of sharing a meal together. Menus are planned weekly and posted outside the classrooms.

Children are asked to try each item that is served. The teacher serving may ask about the quantity of the serving (“A little?” “A taste?”) When everyone is served, all may begin to eat. Children may serve themselves seconds, with the understanding that they must finish the amount that they take. As children finish the meal, they are asked to scrape their plates into a receptacle. Plates, cups, and utensils are placed in appropriate containers, and the children are excused from the table.

Nut-Free Center

The Children’s Center is a nut-free facility – not just peanuts, but all nuts. We are aware of the tremendous risk both children and adults who are allergic to nuts face, even from the smallest amount of peanut butter or nut, in any form. We actively monitor the food products we use, and there is absolutely no outside food permitted at the Center. Please wash your child’s face and hands before entering the Center, if he or she has consumed any product containing nuts.

Meal Schedule

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Sample Menu

Our menu changes each week based on seasonal foods, availability, and other factors. To view a sample menu, download it here: