Kids playing with harvest and autumn decor

Preschool Classrooms

Panda Bears + Grizzly Bears

We have two classrooms for children from 3-5 years of age. Children can remain in these classrooms until kindergarten. The goal for these children is to create a safe and clean environment that help children with social skills, peer interaction, self- help skills and the ability to explore and learn.

Classroom Style: These classrooms has defined spaces for playing, eating, napping, and toileting. They have areas for open exploration focused on dramatic play, building, science, art and reading. There are also four large playgrounds to promote active play and nature exploration.

Activities & Play: Preschool classrooms feature activities designed to promote letter recognition, name recognition, and counting.  Play-based learning is offered throughout the day in all areas of the classroom including dramatic play, block area, science, art and reading areas.  

A daily log of the child’s progress is maintained.

Grizzlies doing art